Hydro Excavation

Powerclean Industrial Hydro-Excavation

Hydro-excavation, also known as pot holing, vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging (NDD), is a precision digging method that combines pressurized water with a high velocity vacuum system. Water, under high pressure, is sprayed to remove soil and debris and the slurry is vacuumed into a truck mounted holding tank. This system makes it easy to dispose of the materials or return them to another area of the work site or grounds. Hydro-excavation is suitable for many soil types, widths, depths and angles and is especially valuable when working in tight spaces. 

Safety and cost savings are also key advantages. The risk of hitting a pipe or electrical cable is eliminated with hydro-excavation because the high pressure water won’t damage utilities. This targeted digging also reduces the time it takes to complete a job. Less time and equipment translates into greater safety and cost savings.

This digging method requires less backfill, labor force, reconstruction and is less invasive to the environment. It is also very clean. With surgical precision, Hydro-excavation can get into areas where larger equipment cannot. Plus, hydro-excavation removes only the material required with virtually no collateral damage. With hydro-excavation it is much easier to expose just the area required for inspection or repair. Hydro-excavation is often used to locate gas mains or other buried utilities prior to bringing in mechanical equipment to complete the job.  

For the best in hydro-excavation and all industrial cleaning contractor and environmental services call Powerclean Industrial Services.  Powerclean meets all OSHA and environmental regulations for hydro-excavation and all its industrial cleaning contractor services. Our mission is excellence in training, safety, response time and the environment, bringing an exceptional value to every customer.