Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Industrial Abrasive Blast Cleaning

Abrasive blast cleaning is closely related to sandblasting, but they differ in the variety of media used to get the job done. This is where the abrasive blast cleaning experience of Powerclean Industrial Services really pays off. 

Depending on the surface you need cleaned and the finish you want when complete, our expert abrasive blast cleaning crews will recommend the proper media to do the job quickly, safely and at the best value. Media choices include corn cob, crushed walnut shells, pulverized coke breeze, glass beads, sponge, garnet, black beauty and many others. 

Safety is always a top priority in any abrasive blast cleaning project. Powerclean Industrial’s crews are expertly trained and use the best equipment to ensure every project meets your standards and ours. 

Abrasive blast cleaning is effective for descaling, deburring, removing oxides and a variety of other surface problems. Whether your job is inside a tank or other confined space or in the open, the highly skilled team of abrasive blast cleaning pros at Powerclean Industrial Services can get the job done. Powerclean is able to handle your routine maintenance as well as your emergency needs. We take great pride in our fast response time. We are on the job when you need us.

For the best in abrasive blast cleaning and all industrial cleaning contractor and environmental services, call Powerclean Industrial Services.  Powerclean meets all OSHA and environmental regulations for its industrial cleaning contractor services. Our mission is excellence in training, safety, response time and the environment, bringing an exceptional value to every customer.