Hydro Demolition

Industrial Hydro Demolition

Hydro Demolition uses extremely high pressure water jets to remove concrete while not damaging rebar or other mechanical systems buried within the concrete. It is the porous nature of concrete that lends itself to hydro demolition. By adjusting the water pressure, water jet size and speed of the application, concrete can be removed to a predetermined depth. 

The water jets impact the weakened or deteriorated concrete and depending on the desired outcome; can remove target concrete while leaving solid concrete in place. Hydro demolition provides selective removal of concrete without damage to pipes or rebar, saving time and money for inspections or otherwise difficult repairs.

Another advantage of hydro demolition is limited damage to surrounding areas. While a jackhammer can remove concrete, it creates tremendous vibrations that can damage surrounding areas. Hydro demolition eliminates this issue, while at the same time leaving an excellent bonding surface when new concrete is replacing the old. 

Hydro demolition:

  • Is a dust-free process
  • Eliminates damage to surrounding areas
  • Leaves a solid surface for bonding
  • Is quicker
  • Is safer than other methods
  • Is more efficient and cost effective than jackhammers

Hydro demolition is an excellent choice to minimize impact on the environment. Powerclean Industrial professionally trains and equips its hydro demolition crews to get your job done quickly, efficiently and in the safest manner possible. 

For the highest quality hydro demolition and all industrial cleaning contractor and environmental services call Powerclean Industrial Services.  Powerclean meets all OSHA and environmental regulations for hydro demolition and all its industrial cleaning contractor services. Our mission is excellence in training, safety, response time and the environment, bringing an exceptional value to every customer.