Vacuum Truck Services

Powerclean Industrial Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum truck service is basically a mega-sized wet/dry vacuum mounted on a heavy truck with a holding tank. Vacuum truck service is used to remove grease, oil, sludge, dirt, wood chips, ash, stone and just about anything else that will fit through the specially designed hoses. It is useful for all types of factory cleaning when you need safe removal of waste, especially from inaccessible areas. 

Powerclean Industrial Services equips a highly trained team of operators with modern equipment to deliver superior service and value. Regardless of your specific requirements for vacuum truck service, Powerclean Industrial Services has the equipment and experience to get the job done. Our operators undergo site-specific training to ensure safety and efficiency on the job. 

Powerclean Industrial’s Vacuum truck service fleet ranges up to 5,700 CFM, with 28" Hg blowers. Materials can be off-loaded to drums or roll-off boxes and delivered for recycling or disposal as the situation dictates. 

Powerclean Industrial Services offers state-of-the-art vacuum truck service combined with our intense commitment to safety and training. Our team of vacuum truck service technicians is ready for your routine maintenance project or any emergency situation. 

For the best in vacuum truck service and all industrial cleaning contractor and environmental services, call Powerclean Industrial Services.  Powerclean meets all OSHA and environmental regulations for its industrial cleaning contractor services. Our mission is excellence in training, safety, response time and the environment, bringing an exceptional value to every customer.